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More women are joining the size acceptance movement and are demanding recognition of their need for high quality fashion forward clothing regardless of size.. 

By providing an inclusive line we put to rest the alienating term “plus size” used to describe women who do not fit the archaic standards of beauty. 

By eliminating the split between the sizing groups and promoting body positivity we lower the importance of belonging to one size group or another and bring back joy to the shopping experience. 

When did the Size tag become more than just a tool to help us buy clothing? We are incorporating removable size tags into all of the garments to encourage women to stop measuring beauty by size and start focusing on their true source of beauty – their individuality, confidence, and unique sense of style. 

And don’t forget, If you don’t feel body positive 100% of time, don’t worry, none of us do. 

Be kind to yourself and start by appreciating your body, this in time will grow into love!

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